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my journey through motherhood and other complex matters

It’s Getting Hot in Here

. . . and no this is not an ode to Nelly’s famous song. I mean can my body heat up any warmer than it is? I guess the fact that I am now an incubator has something to do with the rise in body temperature. This boy is living the life, literally with his nice warm place to grow and develop, as I, his mother, experiences a dose of menopause or “prenatalpause” or the “pause” of any type of cooling sensation for that matter.

Summertime in Houston is already the closest you get to hell on earth and I have to spend it preggers. LOL. I’m not mad about it at all. It’s just really funny to me. Now I know why mothers get so angry when children talk back or are disobedient. I can hear it now . . . “do you know what I went through to bring you into this world . . ” or quite famously “I brought you in this world and I can take you out!”

Needless to say, I talk to Miles everyday. I say a few words to him to let him know that yup, I’m here. I thank God for him. I call his name, I rub my bump and keep it moving. I think it’s my conscious attempt to make him feel loved already. He’s my boy! I prayed for him. I pray for him on a daily basis. I can already see him running around and asking his dad all the questions that I hope he asks him . . . I think it’s because I want to give James a dose of his own medicine, cause he asks a million-and-one questions about any and everything he doesn’t have an answer to. Nothing wrong with that. I just hope he asks his father all those questions. That’s all.

Seems like a lot of people are either pregnant or have given birth and I always find it very interesting to see what stage they are with their babies. Right now Tanisha is waiting for her son Travis to arrive. I think she’s given him his eviction notice. She’s at 40 weeks and is suffering from kidney stones. Then there is Andrea. She just gave birth to little Taylor. She says to get all the sleep you can cause you will surely miss it once the baby is here. Oh and then there is Lynzee. She is every little boy’s dream mom. She posts pics of her son Dylan’s every move and has now stated that having a newborn is hard. Did we really know what we signed up for? I don’t think anyone ever knew, but like my mother-in-law told me today, “it will all be fine” and as I gripe and yes, complain about the nausea, it’s nice to have my mother confirm that “this too shall pass.”

I digress . . . .

What I meant to say is I better get used to this heat, cause it’s going to be with me for a another eight months or so and there is nothing I can do about it. If I really had to choose . . . to get the outcome that I have wanted . . . I don’t think I would do anything about it.


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