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Slap the Taste Out Your Mouth

Okay, someone really should have told me that there was a possibility that I would lose all sense of taste. I would equate it to being sick for a few days or having a severe cold. It’s the most disgusting feeling one who loves food could ever have and I loathe it, because I’m never quite sure how my food is going to end up tasting. Good thing is, is that I can actually keep my food down. I haven’t vomited or had dry heaving spells that I know others have experienced. Plus, I’m not the up-chuck type! Anyway, the anecdote for the nasty taste in my mouth is the infamous Jolly Rancher. As long as I have something hard and sour in my mouth, I’m good. Then in the back of my mind I’m often thinking, well . . . if I’m downing all this candy, I’m probably taking in too much sugar. Which means, I’m taking in unnecessary or empty calories. Which means, I’m gonna gain weight!

Yes, I think I have been more concerned about weight gain now more than ever. I mean now that I actually have an appetite. My husband is like . . . embrace it. You look beautiful. Don’t worry. What is scary is that on Friday I had two slices of cranberry walnut bread and a bowl of fruit and an hour later I was starving. I mean I actually got those hunger pains or pangs. My baby was like FEED ME MOMMY! I keep snacks in the office, but again, if I’m snacking and not moving . . . I’m GAINING! I snack on fruit, nuts, multigrain chips, dry cereal, cheez-its, jell-o, applesauce, etc, etc, etc. I try to keep it somewhat healthy. Sometimes, it’s just not enough for this little cookie monster, who is now the size of a plum.

The last time I went to the doctor, I asked . . . am I a normal size for someone carrying one baby? I mean how do you know if I am carrying multiples, cause in my mind, I’m like it can’t just be one baby inside of here making me eat this erratically. I mean at my first visit you did state that my uterus was a little large, which is a sign of carrying multiples, but could I indeed be carrying two babies in here? The response . . . You’re a normal size for carrying one. My conclusion . . . next visit I want an ultrasound! LOL.

Rounding out the first trimester, my food of choice – Cafe Express linguine with creamy tomato basil sauce, a greek salad with no onions, tomatoes or olives and a fresh fruit bowl. You bring me that any night of the week and I’m a happy camper . . . so is Miles. Although, James thinks Miles has absolutely no say-so in what I eat. I beg to differ.


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