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This Ain’t No Wedding Registry

Who would have thought that there would be so research going into purchasing a stroller, car seat or even bedding? Sorry Pottery Barn, your bedding has been rated C-. Saturday, James and I had the most enjoyable and educational experience shopping for Miles. It was recommended that we register at a place in Rice Village called Right Start. It’s one of the largest national specialty retailers of juvenile products for infants and young children and to be honest, I really didn’t feel like registering at the typical stores. Why not change it up a little? Right Start also gives you 10-percent back on all the items that are purchased on your registry, so I thought that was a plus.

Anyway, Jerica, the assistant manager at the store really took the time to explain to us the different products in the store, what we should really pay attention to when purchasing an infant car seat and how to save by not purchasing those travel systems that you’ll have to ditch in about six months, once your child gets a little bigger. She really made us think about some things. She recommended that we purchase a baby discount book that rates different baby items and said that we should really determine what we need and not what looks the best or has the highest price tag, because let’s face it, high cost doesn’t always equate to best in quality or safety nowadays.

While we are on the subject of registries, I think it’s absolutely uncouth to purchase an item for someone that is not on their registry, wedding, baby, housewarming, etc. Why would you purchase something for someone that they don’t want? I’m just saying. There is always that one person who thinks that they are doing you a favor by purchasing something that is not on your registry.

*** Disclaimer *** Truth be told, most of the items that are not requested are returned, unless personalized.

Just execute your random act of kindness effectively and purchase what’s on the registry or if not get an item similar to the one purchased.

***Late Addition*** Baby’s FIRST Registry


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One thought on “This Ain’t No Wedding Registry

  1. Brooke on said:

    Did you scan a tricycle? I already told you that’s what Baby Miles was getting! LOL (I’m laughing, but I’m serious)

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