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my journey through motherhood and other complex matters

Baby . . . Weight a Minute

I’m at 171 pounds people . . . 21 lbs from my initial weight and my little man, may only weigh 2 of those pounds right now. GASP! When I asked my husband if I look pregnant from the back he says, “well, your arms are thickening up and you only really look pregnant from the thigh up, but it’s okay . . . you’re carrying precious cargo.”

Tell the truth and shame the Devil. That’s what I expect and that’s what he gave me, the truth. All-in-all and despite the dose of reality, I feel GREAT. I think I look great and little Milito (My-Leeto) is on his way to being a healthy BIG baby. He should be about the size of a papaya by now, but from the intensity of these kicks it feels like he’s the size of a watermelon. Funny story and I’ll try to be brief . . . I was laying down one evening, trying to catch some ZZZs and I went to lay on my right side, well buddy boy wasn’t having it and kicked me until I physically rolled over. It was not as easy as it sounds. I think I just laughed and told Miles that he’s not running things yet. My husband, however, keeps telling me that I need to get on his schedule and lectures me that it’s gonna be all about Miles when he gets here. I agreed.

The house is coming along. We decided to get the floors in the utility room and both bathrooms tiled before the baby gets here. We’ve purchased new furniture for the master bedroom and will move the old furniture to the guest room. Miles’ Munire furniture is on layaway at Baby USA, because we don’t have the space to put it anywhere else, plus we want to get the room painted before we add the baby furniture. We couldn’t decide on colors until his bedding arrived and it is finally here, so hopefully this weekend, I’ll be able to get a color match at Home Depot. I’ve picked out a chair for the nursery and some other accessories that I think will make the room almost perfect. It’ll be perfect when Miles sleeps in it. That in itself is a whole other process, I’m sure. Oh and the mural . . . wait till you get a load of this mural! I think I’m more excited about that than anything else. Needless to say this whole baby preparation is costing lots of time and money, but THANK GOD for provisions and loving parents on both sides. He (sometimes through loved ones) has always made a way.

I’m looking forward to the next four months. Yup, I’m six months preggers! It is definitely an exciting time . . . and an eventful time, but it will only get more exciting and eventful as the days, weeks, months and years go by.

Six Months Preggers . . . No maternity wear


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