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Childbirth 101

Today was the day we learned everything about childbirth, from the three stages to choosing the right birthing center to what to expect postpartum. I have to say it made me a bit anxious, doubtful and almost fearful about the birthing process. I mean how much education can you receive to really be prepared for what is ahead? Then I think, well . . . I’m here and this baby has to come out somehow. Will I choose to try to deliver him naturally or will I need the help of an epidural? I’d be crazy not use and epidural, at least that’s what I hear, but I’m not 100-percent sure that, that is the route I want to go. I often think that, that should be the last resort, but my doctor said that I could choose to have an epidural as soon as I get to the hospital in an attempt not to experience any REAL pain. Although, the thought that I might not feel the need to push, because I can’t feel my contractions bothers me. There is so much contemplating I’m doing right now and I often think, not so much what is best for me, but what is best for Miles. Humph. Decisions, decisions . . . can’t help but think that I’m running out of time. Is it too late to go to lamaze? Are the breathing techniques going to really be helpful? Should I find a doula? What should I do?


How did so many women in the past get through it? I mean, there weren’t many options were there? My mom had three babies without any medication, but just because she did it, does that mean that I have to? See, I’m right back where I started.

On a brighter note, James did a marvelous job painting the room and the mural has been completed. Tomorrow, we pick up the baby furniture and begin organizing Miles’ room. This is the absolute fun part and I can’t wait until it’s complete. I’ve been looking at bookshelves and other little accessories and I came across this rad clock by Jonathan Adler. It’s an elephant. Being a member of Delta Sigma Theta, it would be absolutely necessary to incorporate elephants into the decor.

Elephant Clock by Jonathan Adler

I need to find a rug and some shelves and a rocker and maybe a mirror and then I think things will ALMOST be complete. I know he won’t care, but as soon as I get this room done, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief. James and I will then move on to the infant car seat and stroller we’ve already received. (for those reading this and interested in sending us a gift, we’re registered at Babies R’Us and Right Start). Those items, especially the infant car seat need to be assembled when you have a few hours to waste and preferably when you fresh-faced and full of energy. This suggestion was given to us by our pediatrician. You have one already? Of course and you would have known that if you had read my previous posts. LOL.

Miles is coming along in his development. He really active . . . and already particular. If I place you forearms across my stomach to rest them, it’s like he feels the pressure and immediately starts kicking. It’s like hey, move around, I only have so much space as it is and you resting your arms on my home doesn’t make things any easier for me. James thinks he’ll have a lot of my personality. Oh boy! (rolls eyes).

I’m 28 weeks, which means Miles is about 29 weeks in development. He’s been one week ahead. So, that means instead of being the size of an eggplant, he’s the size of a squash and by the end of my seventh month, will weigh almost four pounds. His kicks and jabs are much stronger these days, because poor boy is just running out of room. “There goes my b . . . ladder!” (Charlie Wilson)


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