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Ramping Up the Preparation

Today, September 30th we got another glimpse of our son. His eyes were open and once again, so was his mouth. Something so cute happened. He yawned. My heart skipped a beat. He’s 3lbs 10 ounces and he’s expected to reach 7lbs 16 ounces at birth (8 lbs) and on Sunday, he’ll be 31 weeks (Me, just 30). His movement is getting more and more profound everyday and if I haven’t said this before, he hates for you to invade his space. I mean, not that is anything different from the woman who is carrying him. I often like to rest my hands on my stomach forgetting that my stomach is his dwelling space and he doesn’t like the “caved-in” affect my arms often produce. Lately I’ve wondered if he’s doing P90X with all the movement, but I know better than that or don’t I?

Anyway, I visit Dr. Adam every four weeks and there is the cutest baby store located on the first floor of the building (7900 Fannin) and they have the cutest collegiate baby outfits. The last four visits I tried desperately to get one for Miles and was unsuccessful. Well, today was my day. I got the cutest 12 month outfit by Lil Fans for Miles. He’ll love it. (side-eye)

Last weekend, James assembled the crib and the nursery is really starting to shape up. Here are a few pictures.

Miles' Mural courtesy of Carolina's Art

Furniture by Pali. . . Bedding by Land of Nod

Elephant Toy Bin

It's the accessories that make a room . . . his little toys will go in here.

If anyone knows me, you know that I’m in no way finished with this room. There are shelves that have to go up and additional accessories to be added and let’s not forget about the rocker/glider. This will probably be the last purchase, because quite honestly I haven’t been able to find a rocker/glider in my price range that I like. I’m looking for a bargain and being patient proves to be the best option when it comes to finding the right piece. I can’t be too hasty. I have 10 weeks (if the little bun can stay on this oven).

I’m posting this blog on the day we attend Baby Care Basics and Breastfeeding class. Both classes were informative, but we were also supposed to take our CPR class. Let’s just say our instructor failed to show and we’re forced to reschedule. That’ fine. Four straight hours of class on a Saturday when you’ve been out of school for fours years is good enough for me. We also had the scariest looking baby doll dummies to work with. The lesson learned? Miles will not be wearing blush and lipstick, not this hideous shade, anyway. I digress.

The scary looking baby doll we used in Baby Care Basics class.

I learned quite a bit in Baby Care Basics class, but what I took away from both classes is that spending time bonding with your baby, alone, is key. When James and I left class, we put a great plan together to ensure that we spend the most time together as a family before the intrusion of family and friends and let’s face it, having a baby is a joyous occasion. Some people go overboard, but it’s okay to turn down visits and it’s okay to turn down help. I anticipate the nights when it’s just Miles and me sitting in the rocker, singing and chatting. One person suggested that I take the opportunity to pray over Miles during those late night feedings when we’re alone with God and the creeks of the house. I plan on covering him early.

I do plan on breastfeeding, which has been me a little concerned about returning to work, but I’m sure it will all work out. I mean women before me have done it and there is absolutely nothing new under the sun, even if we think there is. Attending these classes have put some of my fears at ease and like my instructor said, “Your baby doesn’t know that your new to parenting. Just act like you know what you are doing and the baby won’t know the difference.”


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