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my journey through motherhood and other complex matters

Who in the Hell left the gate open

Today, I’m 33 weeks. I’m in a cooking sort of mood and decided to whip up a batch of homemade jambalaya (really quick recipe found on I’m in the kitchen dicing and slicing, mixing and . . . simmering. I don’t mean the ingredients. I’m literally melting. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get cool. This is strange, because usually I’m able to relieve myself with water, a fan . . . a cold shower. Anyway, I’m a multitasker, so I run to my computer to check my e-mail and I received my weekly update from the “You’re 33 weeks pregnant!” Yaaaaay me as I continue to read . . . “You’re one hot mama . . .” Well, yes, I consider myself to be a looker, I guess. But, as I continued to read, I noticed that what was written had nothing to do with how I was looking. Supposedly, my metabolic rate has increased by 20-percent, which keeps my body begging for cool ANYTHING. I’m happy to say that while I have endured the summer heat, I will not be ending my pregnancy during those scorching months. However, I am thinking about take some popsicles to work. I already have a fan in my office. Is this what menopause will be like? Is this what my mom keeps warning me about? It’s so comical. HORMONES!

Mr. Miles (Milesy is what I affectionately call him) is at work. I swear my child knows when he’s not at home. Hopefully this is not an indication of how he’ll behave in public. Anyway, we were in the grocery store yesterday and he must have been playing with his angels. Yes, playing football. Now, that I’ve maxed out my amniotic fluid I can feel his little phalanges. Okay, maybe not his phalanges. I just like saying the word “phalanges.” I can distinguish between his little feet, fists, knees and elbows. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing. It’s almost a shame that men don’t get to experience these things first hand. I am constantly sharing with James all of Miles’ little idiosyncrasies or what I can feel of them anyway, only to notice that while excited he really can’t understand it. I hope that makes sense. Women, our bodies are AMAZING. Even when we don’t think it “looks” amazing, our body continues to prove to us how strong and magnificent it really is. God got it right!

Fast Forward to October 26th . . .

I felt my first set of Braxton Hicks contractions this morning. It felt like a mild case of cramps. Nothing too bad, but my mom told me that they get a bit severe at the end and will make you want to stop dead in your tracks. Humph, I don’t think I’m looking forward to those. Having a midwife for a mom makes this pregnancy thing that much of a reality, because she is constantly reminding me of all the things that I will experience – most of them painful. I guess she doesn’t want me to be surprised by the pain, but won’t I be surprised anyway, because I haven’t experienced it for myself yet?


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