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Signed Sleepless in Cypress

It’s Saturday morning and guess who’s, guess who’s, guess who’s AWAKE?!!!! At 6:30 a.m.? Miles? Well, I think so, but I’m not sure, because as I’m typing this entry he’s as quiet as a little mouse. A few minutes ago, he was Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons. I can’t complain, however, because most nights I’m asleep by 10 p.m. and have very few interruptions, before my little internal alarm clock goes off, I mean wakes up, between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. When he’s jazzercising, I’m often thinking . . . what in the world is he doing as he takes my stomach to “the left, to the left” or makes it do the Cha-Cha Slide. I’m convinced there is a Soul Train line happening in the midst of my intestines and urinary tract and let’s not forget Mr. Bladder. Miles now feels comfortable enough to use it as a bounce house or a pogo stick. Remember pogo sticks? I digress.

Me, at the end of my 33rd week. I'm glowing?! I'm anxious.

I’m approaching 34 weeks (which means I have only 6 weeks left and two baby showers to survive) and his movements are much more profound, which means I’m getting more uncomfortable. I think I’m taking it all in stride though. I’ve had NO complications. It’s been smooth sailing thus far, so if he wants to be a little active and use mommy’s belly button as a dart board, I guess I’m okay with that. Well, in reality I have no choice, now do I?

Last night I had dinner with a friend of mine who will remain nameless. I haven’t received permission to use her real name in my very public blog, so I’ll keep it very private. Anyway, she’s also preggers. Yes, her bundle of joy is due in three weeks, which means she’s looking forward to having a Thanksgiving baby. When we walked in the restaurant together, you would have thought people were seeing two pregnant people for the very first time. Like it was almost bizarre. It was HIGH-LARIOUS to me, all that attention. I felt like the bearded lady at the traveling circus (no pun intended, because the hormones can make you appear kin to a monkey. I’m just saying). Anyway, she’s also having a boy and looks tre fabulous. She’s all stomach and told me that she’s gained quite a few pounds. I told her I heard the same thing about myself, but refuse to believe the tabloids, I mean the doctor’s scale. I told her that our little boys will grow up together. Nice to know Miles will already have a friend that I know . . . I mean, at least I know his family and what church they go to. LOL. (I think that’s just an inside joke for me.)

When I was growing up and I would introduce my friends to my mom, who is very close to God and his son Jesus, she would always greet them really kindly. “Mom, this is ‘so-and-so’ from school,” I would say and she would reply by saying “okay, nice to meet you ‘so-an-so’.” As soon as the person would leave I’d be subjected to a million questions that always followed this one IMPORTANT question . . . what church do they go to? I’m laughing hysterically as I post this. If I couldn’t answer this one question, I’d have to quickly investigate and report back on my findings. My teachers always said I was thorough with my research. Humph, I wonder why? They didn’t know Professor Lugay, I’m certain. SMH.

As we approach Halloween, I am reminded that we didn’t celebrate it. Nope, we did not celebrate Halloween. Halloween was the “Devil’s holiday.” Which, was okay with me, because I don’t like scary anything. As we got older, we occasionally snuck out to go trick-or-treating and all that, but it would most always disappoint my mother when she would find out. James reminisced about how he could dress up, but he couldn’t be anything scary. I thought, hey, that’s a good idea. Maybe we can apply that same principle to Miles. I even went as far as to say, maybe we say “Miles, you can participate in Halloween, but you have to be a character from the bible.” We live in the Bible Belt. It could work. The things is, James, reminded me, is that he just might want to be Beelzebub (aka the Devil) and asked what would we say if he did? Humph, as I ponder.

Happy Hallows-eve to all!

Thing I'm most looking forward to is raiding, I mean inspecting, his candy bag when he gets older.

Next up, Thanksgiving, ARRIVAL OF MILES and then . . . Christmas!


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One thought on “Signed Sleepless in Cypress

  1. Krystal on said:

    Loooking fwd to the upcoming post ! See you at the shower!

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