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No Longer Miles Away

I am 36 weeks today . . . Woo Hoo! Any day now, Miles will be descending (AKA dropping) and I can finally get back to breathing a bit normally. Well, normally, until that oh so soon to be infamous delivery. My little man, my prince, is the size of a honey-dew and his strong kicks have downgraded a bit since he’s running out of room. He’s most comfortable on my left side, even when I try to nudge him, he makes his way right back to the place that brings him the most comfort. The last few weeks he’s been hiccuping like mad and that’s because he still hasn’t quite gotten his swallowing and sucking skills down. When he starts one of his episodes I find myself asking him if he indeed has the hiccups and then I try to soothe him by saying that eventually he’ll get it down. I guess this is the beginning of me encouraging him to stay focused on finishing the task. In this case, it’s his full fetal development. Good thing he’s not in any pain, so I’ve read. I’ve also read that babies dream. The last few weeks Miles has settled into deeper sleep patterns, even going into REM sleep. You know I think I believe it, because there are times when he is really quiet as a mouse. Nope, no movement at all, except maybe his tiny idiosyncrasies that I have yet to see with my two eyes.

Speaking of idiosyncrasies . . . I’ve mentioned this on my FB status, but never delved deeply into it in my blog. My child still has a lot of room to squirm around in. Lately, I have felt his little heel as it switches from left to right or from right to left. I equate this movement to a windshield wiper. He starts at the bottom of my sternum (the middle of the top of my midsection) and carries his little limb all the way to the right side of my belly, exactly where my elbow falls on my side. It’s a unique visual, I know, but can you imagine how it feels? Sometimes the wipers turn on when I least expect it and it’s the funniest feeling ever. All I can do is laugh and wonder in amazement.

Fast forward to 37 weeks . . .

I am, well Miles is, full-term. Which means he can come at any time. Mom says he can come anytime after 38 weeks. His godmother seems to think he’ll come December 4th. His godfather would love that since he’s an ALPHA MAN. I think all bets are placed on the fact that I won’t be having this baby the middle of December, like we originally thought or like we were originally told. I can still have faith. It would be nice for him to be born on 12-12-10, because on 12-12-12 . . . he’ll be 2. Or what about 12-11-10, which is 10, 11, 12 backwards? Either way, I can’t wait to meet him. I just can’t wait to hold him, kiss him, look into his eyes, smell him, read to him, nurture him, teach him, because I already love him unconditionally.

All his clothes are washed and I believe I’ve pretty much cleaned every article of fabric that pertains to my son. As a matter of fact, I received some wash cloths and blankets today from one of my lovely sorors and they are already in the washer. If any of you know me, you know how extremely organized I try to be. According to my list of baby action items, you know the one on, I should be washing all his clothes and blankets and wash cloths now. Ha! I will settle for getting my rest, thank you very much. One can only hope that strive for organizational perfection will continue, but some of you probably know for the first few weeks or months, it won’t. AND, it might not . . . for a while. Humph, I can only wonder, but I won’t ponder too hard.

While Miles’ co-sleeper/bassinet is up and ready in our room, I’ve just now completed his nursery. I succumbed to the pressure of the purchasing the glider. It wasn’t pressure at all, because God knows that thing is sooooooo freaking comfortable, I’m thinking about moving it into our bedroom. Anyway, I digress like I usually do . . . little MLT’s nursery is complete (as complete as it’s gonna be without photos of my little juicy fruit hanging on the wall and as finished as it’s gonna be before I go into labor!).

Drum roll please . . .

Miles' Nursery with glider

Just a few finishing touches. I love the beginning of his little book collection.

One of my favorite purchases for the nursery. What time is it anyway?

This week I’m supposed to finish sending out my thank you cards. A task I am likely to complete after-all. It is the week of Thanksgiving and the office is sure to be very quiet.


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2 thoughts on “No Longer Miles Away

  1. Krystal on said:

    WOW, wonderful job on the baby room !!!!!! You have to get us updated over the years – I’m going to miss the post 😦 …. CONGRATS AGAIN !

  2. Miles’ nursery is precious! Love it! You did a great job. . . and the designs on the wall are fabulous! Can’t wait to see pics of you little angel when he arrives!

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